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Artist, Fine Furniture Maker

About Nasif

The Shop 2013

A California Rocker in progress

Nasif Maloof is an American furniture designer and woodworker. Over the course of nearly four decades he has created an impressive body of handcrafted work, ranging from jewelry to home furnishings and home additions. Today the artist works mostly in native walnut, preferred because of its fine color, beautiful grain patterns, dent-resistant strength, and renewability.

Nasif learned his craft at the heels of a master. As the nephew of renowned woodworker Sam Maloof (1916-2009), Nasif spent a good portion of his youth working under the watchful eyes of Sam, until the desire to build his own designs led the younger Maloof to branch out on his own.

“I liked working with my hands. I was always out building everything.; wood always fascinated me. You walk into a woodshop and the smell of wood overpowers you. I was always captivated by the way the grain would come alive as you finished a piece. I love the way wood starts out scrubby, scratched and hazy, and as it’s sanded smoother and smoother, it comes alive, and when you put the finish on, the grain pattern and color visually explode.”

Nasif is known for exacting construction and unflinching attention to the smallest details of design and implementation. Influenced by his natural surroundings, viewed from his longtime home a stone’s throw from the Klamath River in California, Nasif strives to achieve the ideal balance between enhancing the well-known Maloof legacy and maintaining his own unique style and creative sensibility in craftsmanship.